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Description of franchise system

Preserving beauty

Health, youth, and beauty are universal ideals, but today, a good looks are more important than ever before. Arbonne is a specialist for highly effective anti-ageing products and spa treatments. Our products are based on all natural botanical principles and have been developed by a team of leading biologists, bio-chemists, and herbalists. Today, we have an unrivalled reputation all over the world for highly effective, premium quality products. Our extensive range of body and skin care products includes:

  • Spa and Detox products
  • Anti-Aging products for face and body
  • Body care
  • Anti-Aging products for men
  • Face care
  • Wellness products
  • Special products for eyes and lips
  • Hair care
  • Cosmetics

But, despite numerous awards, Arbonne is much more than just effective products. We're a big family, working together for a common goal. Absolutely everybody involved in Arbonne is a very nice person. In a billion dollar industry like the beauty and cosmetics market, strong personal relationships like this are a true rarity.

Franchise concept

Working with us

We apply the same high values to our franchise concept as we apply to our products. Arbonne is a highly ethical business, and we won't promise you any short cuts to success. Like any other business, an Arbonne franchise requires hard work and commitment. If you don't work hard for your dreams, you won't be successful, it's as simple as that. Arbonne will provide you with all the tools and support to succeed.

As an Arbonne franchise consultant, you'll be able to earn a sound income alongside your current job. We don't limit the potential income of our consultants, so it's up to you how much time and effort you invest into your business. The start-up expenses of an Arbonne franchise business are minimal, and you can choose your own hours, working flexibly, selling superior products. Our franchisees receive ongoing training, comprehensive support, and benefit from achievement awards and recognition.

Another benefit for our franchisees is our unique Cash Bonus Programme in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. You will receive a discount of 35% on the official retail price, which will be your profit margin. An Arbonne franchise business is easy to operate and a really enjoyable business. Our success plan will help you to achieve your personal goals and operate a business that is tailored to your individual requirements.

Franchise partner profile

How to join the Arbonne family

The Arbonne business opportunity is suitable for positive people who want to sell a botanically based product and share our high values. We will work only with individuals who familiarize themselves with the Arbonne brand. If you're a great team player and a huge fan of Arbonne , contact us for more information on this exciting business opportunity!


anti-ageing products

Open website

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