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Description of franchise system

Beauty is our profession

Have you already heard of the latest trend in beauty, the Fish Pedicure..? No? Then wake up, don't miss this huge trend! Celebrities all over the globe love the Fish Pedicure because it's an all natural, but highly effective treatment that turns stressed feet into beautiful, velvety, tender feet.

Our Garra Rufa fishes from Tukey nibble off hard skin and cover the skin with an enzyme called diathanol which rejuvenates and softens the skins. Regular treatments will even result in dry rough skin not building up again! For the Garra Rufas, this is a natural process, in the wild, they spend their days cleaning larger fishes. But, they can do much more than just a great pedicure.

A treatment with Garra Rufa will also heal Eczema and Psoriasis efficiently and without additional medication. Anesis Spa offers exclusive, high quality fish pedicures and many other premium treatments in a relaxed, luxurious atmosphere.

Our treatments are:

  • Fish Therapy
  • OPI Spa Manicure
  • Artistic Gel Pedicure
  • High Definition brows treatment
  • Artistic Gel Manicure
  • Hand masks
  • French Manicure
  • Lifting, Volumising and Lengthening of natural lashes

Franchise concept

A luxurious business opportunity

Our prestigious brands stands at the forefront of the spa and beauty industry, and we're now launching exclusive franchise opportunities that will enable the right candidates to share in our success. Anesis is featured in many slicks, driving a constant flow of new customers to your door.

As an Anesis franchisee, you will be owning and operating your own luxurious spa location, and have access to exclusive products from our partners such as OPI. Our experienced shop fitting team will create a wonderful place to relax for your customers, while you receive a detailed, first class training on management, beauty treatments, and business development. We will also organize a big opening party for you to promote your new spa. Our head office is working hard to launch new, innovative treatments regularly, so you will be able to offer the latest trends in spa and beauty to your customers. As part of your franchise package you will receive:

  • an exclusive franchise territory
  • press launch
  • Computer software and system
  • Operating Manual
  • start up program
  • ongoing back up and support

Franchise partner profile

Become a spa manager

As any other business, an Anesis franchise business will only be successful if you have the determination, commitment, and motivation to build your business efficiently. Contact us if you're convinced that this is the ideal opportunity for you!


Fish Pedicure

Open website

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