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Description of franchise system

A booming industry

Today, there are more singles than ever before. More couples split up, more marriages are getting divorced, more busy people don't have the time to find the right person, and all of this lonely individuals are looking for that one, special person to share their daily ups and downs with.

More and more people use the internet to search for a partner, enjoying the anonymity, efficiency, and promptness of online dating sites. Romantic websites enable singles to directly search for people who match the criteria that are important to them, without having to kiss someone and find out later that he or she was just another frog again.

People like to meet people who share their interests and they prefer websites that list singles who live in their area or have the same hobbies instead of searching for a needle in a haystack at huge, nationwide dating websites. Affiliate Dating creates professional dating websites with customized design, full hosting, and of course a fully working system.

We have the technology to differentiate between a romantic and an adult dating website, that requires age control. Affiliate Dating is a concept that enables franchisees to target niche markets in the ever growing dating industry. We constantly work on improvements and updates for our websites and technologies to guarantee that our website are latest state-of-the-art online dating services.

Franchise concept

In the name of love

With Affiliate Dating it's so easy to start playing Armor! You just have to think of a concept and a design for your dating website, and our specialist do all the work for you! You'll have access to our huge database and include only those singles who fit within your concept, for example singles who love cook or live within a specific area. Your website will be individually customized by our technical staff according to your ideas and the requirements of your website. The features of our system are:

  • Video Chat
  • Internal email
  • Favorite lists
  • Weekly emails
  • Who’s online
  • Full user and web statistics
  • Profile views
  • Adaptable Searches
  • Messages
  • Instant Video Messaging

We will provide you with a turnkey solution that is ready to generate profits for you. We offer you a fair, transparent payment system that guarantees you a percentage of up to 80% of every payment. We will manage all the payments for you and provide you with detailed support and marketing advice. All member inquiries and member support are also professionally managed by us.

Franchise partner profile

Now, it's up to you!

If you've got a great idea for a new, exciting, and promising niche market dating website , don't hesitate to talk to us. We've got the experience and expertise to advise you on this and help you to develop your ideas.

Affiliate Dating

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