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Description of franchise system

Fun transformed into productivity

Good team work and strong relationships are the foundation of success. But making colleagues a real team can be a difficult task. activitymix can achieve this very easily through sport at work. Our programs engage, attract, retain, reward, and motivate staff, maximizing their talents and promoting community engagement. We offer the following programs:

  • Workplace Audits
  • Action Planning
  • Active Engagement Review and Survey
  • External Community Sport Links Liaison
  • Decathlon Team Development Leadership
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Internal Connections

Our main event, the Corporate Decathlon, combines different social and sportive activities to an unique experienced that addresses Community Engagement, reward, Leadership Development, recognition, and sports inspirations. Our events and programs help to establish a working atmosphere that's full of healthy competition, recognition, rewards, and leadership opportunities.

Many globally operating brands are regular clients of activitymix and highly appreciate our unique mix of social activities and workplace sport. activitymix is much more than just a games, fun, and sports. The activitymix concept was developed by a semi-professional rugby player with a strong background in leadership development and training.

Our concept have been extensively researched and our strong track record in enhancing the employee engagement, performance efficiencies, and employee  retention proves the efficiency of the activitymix concept. Scientific studies from independent institutions have shown that in companies with regular activities, employees are 27% less absent because of illness than in companies without regular activities.

We provide our programs to companies and organizations from different industries and sectors, including Gas and Oil companies, local authorities, Legal services, Banking, and enterprise agencies. In fact, activitymix is the only company in the UK to offer a sports program which addresses business strategy.

Franchise concept

A highly supportive franchise network

First of all, yes, running an activitymix franchise business is lots of fun and highly rewarding, both personally and financially. But, it also involves lots of hard work, and it's a full time business. You will have to spend about forty hours on your business every week. If you're not able or willing to invest so much time into activitymix, it's not for you. Before you start your operation you will take part in our five days training program.

When your business is up and running, you will receive an additional training day MONTHLY. Yes, there will be a training day every month for as long as you are part of our franchise network! You will benefit from an extremely high rate of repeated  business, which is about 80% for activitymix!

Franchise partner profile

Become the showmaster

Our ideal franchisee is highly communicative, enjoying a bit of spotlight, and a good organizer. If you're a bit shy and don't like to talk in front of others, this is not the right franchise opportunity for you. Contact us for more information if you want to put the fun into your daily routine!


social and sportive activities

Open website

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