A B C Photography

photography of babies, toddlers, pre-school kids, families, and groups

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Description of franchise system

Photography can be so much fun!

A, B, C, one, two, three... Who makes great the best children's photos..? We! ABC Photography has an excellent reputation for making brilliant photography of babies, toddlers, pre-school kids, families, and groups.

We visit pre-school playgroups, nursery schools, toddler and mother groups, and families on site (or in the comfort of their own home) and create lasting memories without all the hassle of traditional baby and family portraits. Thanks to our latest state-of-the-art technology and our unique methods, we're able to complete a job within only several minutes.

On our pictures , babies and children are looking naturally happy and curious, not tired or scared like on most other portraits. We were the first photography studio using digital technologies in the West Midlands, and today we're developing our pictures using dry mini labs, which produce brilliant, cost effective results. At ABC Photography the customer comes always first.

We make photography a happy and hassle-free event, and you can see the difference in the pictures. Taking photos of babies and children in the comfort of their own home or in the familiar surroundings of their playgroup or nursery school leads to much better photos that capture the child or baby behavioring naturally while having fun posing for the camera.

Our mobile home sitting photo studios make it possible to photograph high quality pictures in the optic of a traditional photo studio but with a much more relaxed baby or child. In case of a photo event at a playgroup or nursery school, we deliver all photos by hand within only a few days. Despite the global crisis, ABC Photography was able to increase its profits constantly, demonstrating how huge demand for our services is.

Franchise concept

Make a change

Many very talented individuals are dreaming about their own business, but don't dare to take the first and most important step, because they're afraid of the many risks of business ownership. Starting a business with ABC Photography eliminates most of this risks by providing you with a proven business model, an established brand name, and ongoing support and advice.

For an ABC Photography franchise business , overheads are only half the costs of traditional photo studios. But the quality you deliver will be exactly the same - or even better. As part of your franchise package you will receive the following:

  • your own, exclusive franchise territory
  • all photographic equipment necessary
  • ongoing and extensive training in new photographic techniques
  • business stationary
  • a detailed Operations Manual
  • accounts and Marketing training
  • a professional Web Page
  • ongoing Support on Technology, Management and Marketing

Franchise partner profile

The best move you will ever make

It's easy to see that an ABC Photography franchise business is only suitable for people who enjoy working with children and have a passion for photography. However, you don't have to be a professional photographer. But, we will only accept applications from great team players, because good team work is what makes us so successful.

A B C Photography

photography of babies, toddlers, pre-school kids, families, and groups

Open website

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