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Description of franchise system

It's a piggy world

Become a pig farmer! The very first breeding farm of the 10 Little Pigs company was created in 2008 in Thailand to support the local farmers. This very first, very small stock of only thirty pigs soon turned out to be one of the best stocks in Thailand.

From this thirty pigs, we grew more than 2.000 pigs, and most of our pigs are already sold before they are even born. This is due to the high quality of our pigs. We never involve other lines to maintain the premium quality of our pigs. We feed our pigs only the very best organic food, that is exclusively produced by us.

Thailand is the perfect location for pig breeding because the land and labor are cheap. We regularly conduct veterinary controls to the highest standards and far above the requirements. 10 Little Pigs believes that it's always better to invest in prevention than in cure. To share our success, we launched our franchise concept in 2010. We've also recently joined forces with the veterinary organization and dynamic pork production company VET INTER to become big enough to start a breeding program.

We've developed a seven-cycle-system that includes isolation, acclimatization, and inoculations of the sows, professional care, best food, and the breeding cycle. A breeding cycle last five months. The best piglets are chosen for the next breeding cycle while the rest of the pigs are fattened and sold. When we sell our pigs, they weight usually more than a hundred kilograms. To us, it's most important, that all of our pigs enjoy a good life until they're sold.

Franchise concept

Join forces with us

Franchisees amalgamate their sows with our stock. We offer six different franchise packages, ranging from a relatively low investment to a bigger financial commitment. The amount of investment is dependent on the number of sows that you wish to place at our farms. You will receive a dividend payment at least once every year.

We decided to franchise our concept, because we can't fulfill all of the orders that we receive. Our franchisees receive a Visa to enable them to visit us, but you won't need a work permission for Thailand. We are a registered UK company, and franchisees can communicate with our Sales Managers via periodic newsletters, e-mail, phone, and of course also personally.

Though the mortality rate at Thai pig farms is on average 13%, at 10 Little Pigs, we have a mortality rate of only 3%. We achieve this by intensive animal husbandry and highest standards. All costs for pig care, slaughtering, food, transport and so on are included in the fee, there will definitely be no hidden extras.

Franchise partner profile

Who' right for us

We're currently seeking farmers who wish to let their sows be raised by us. If you're convinced that the 10 Little Pigs concept is right for you, please get in touch to find out more.

10 Little Pigs

breeding farm

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