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Franchising - Crazy Piramid Pizza
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Descrizione dell’azienda

CRAZY PIRAMID PIZZA is a network of pizzerias, whose hallmark is a cone-shaped pizza. Pizza in a cone is a novelty on the Polish market, which we introduced in early 2010 and which met with great interest among our future franchisees. The idea to produce pizza in a cone was born in 1994. A sale of Crazy Piramid Pizza was checked at several points in the province of Lodz and our CPP has always attracted the interest of consumers. Today we have 15 Crazy Piramid Pizza restaurants in Poland and one CPP pizzeria under Master license in Ireland.

Our concept is distinguished by a small investment cost and the unique and unrepeatable product.

We do not have any special requirements for our future franchisee, a responsiveness is most important.

Open your own pizza restaurant! Make your own business with the help of our experience!

We are looking for Master franchisees of all over Europe!

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