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ABRAKADABRA franchise system enjoys significant growth

Having just recently opened its first Abrakadabra language school in Austria (Innsbruck), the Abrakadabra franchise system has now announced the opening of its first Swiss location (in and around Gland) as well as the signing of a master franchise agreement for Slovenia. The system is also expanding on its home market: two new franchisees recently opened their own language schools in the German cities of Nuremberg and Essen.

According to the company, plans are already in place for further schools to open up both in Germany as well as in other European countries. New partners are attracted to the franchise as a result of the quality and concept offered by the company. Abrakadabra is really happy with the response to its concept and invites those interested to come along to one of its open days. 

Founded in 1997, the ABRAKADABRA franchise system offers a concept for language schools which have been especially developed to meet the needs of children aged three or older. Children can learn English, French, Spanish and German at the schools where the languages are taught through play. (kbp)

ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder (D)

Franchising di scuole per l'insegnamento di lingue straniere
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17.08.2012 » 

Il franchising Abrakadabra - scuole di lingua straniera per bambini, inizia la sua espansione sul territorio italiano

02.07.2012 » 

Continua l'espansione del franchising Abrakadabra in Germania

08.05.2012 » 

The Abrakadabra franchise-system is also continuing to expand in Austria.

28.09.2011 » 

ABRAKADABRA franchise system enjoys significant growth

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