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Description of franchise system

IRUN has been established by business people for business people. They are business, sales and marketing professionals, who deliver internet business solutions for any organisation.

Business Model
Most existing suppliers of internet solutions are graphic designers or 'techies'. They are good at what they do, but they do not have the bredth or depth of knowledge necessary to provide the sales and marketing expertise needed to fully advise their clients on how to maximise the potential of their business through the use of the internet.

The IRUN franchise opportunity develops a large residual income stream from an ever expanding customer base, i.e. low business risk and extremely high business valuations.

The IRUN vision is to become the market leading supplier of web and internet related services to the SME sector of the market in all territories in which IRUN operates.

Franchise concept

From the beginning, IRUN set out with the sole intention of delivering outstanding support and value to business clients in the small to medium sized enterprise (SME) sector.

IRUN delivers overwhelming customer service; their clients then become passionate advocates and are the best source of new business.

Training and Support
The internet is a fast moving and dynamic market place. To give you the best opportunity of early success the IRUN training and support programme is continually updated to encompass the latest market developments.

As an IRUN investor you will benefit from unsurpassed training and ongoing support including:
Pre-course training
You will be provided with a comprehensive pre-training package to ensure you maximise the value of the residential training course.
Business set-up
If you need it, you will be provided with business start-up support to ensure you are ready to trade as soon as you leave the training course.
Residential course
Before you start with IRUN, you will receive comprehensive training in the methods, strategies and processes essential to business development and profit maximisation.
Fast track success
The IRUN fast track business mentoring programme is designed to minimise your start-up costs and maximise your early success. This programme is invaluable, helping you to go out and effectively win business and position yourself as the internet business sales and marketing expert in your area.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Learning is an ongoing process. With so much to master you will receive ongoing active support, guidance and mentoring throughout the programme of continuous professional development.

IRUN has developed a series of pre-training modules and reading which ensure that every franchisee attains a foundation on which to build during the residential training course. This rigorious preparation ensure that all training course delegates start on an equal footing and get the maximum benefit from the interaction with their peer group.

Franchise partner profile

IRUN is looking for highly motivated people with sales and marketing or business development experience. The Franchisee should be:

  • A highly focussed results oriented sales professional who is comfortable selling value add to business owners in an SME environment. This role calls for a deal maker and closer, utilising the full range of support services available from head office to remain totally customer focused; or
  • A general manager with strong commercial skills with a proven track record to build and manage an effective multi discipline team dedicated to delivering outstanding value and customer satisfaction; or
  • An entrepreneur / business investor able to support and mentor local management, (either of the above profiles), and develop the local business(s) to grow an ever expanding customer base.
  • Remember, you don’t need to be technical, you need to be able to relate to business owners, understand their challenges and agree an ideal solution.


web and internet related services and business solutions

Open website

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