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Tinten-Toner-24 ink filling stations: cost savings of up to 75%

Tinten-Toner-24 ink filling stations refill printer cartridges no matter what the brand. The work is carried out on-site using high quality ink thus guaranteeing the same printing quality of the original brand-name ink. According to Tinten-Toner-24, refilling cartridges at their branches can mean cost savings of up to 75% compared to purchasing an original brand name cartridge or even 85% if a do-it-yourself refill set is purchased. The refill methods used by Tinten-Toner-24 allow the cartridge to be refilled up to 15 times.

Tinten-Toner-24 was founded in October 2002. To begin with, the company made a name for itself producing ink and refill sets which were sold exclusively via retailers. Since Spring 2004, however, the company has been working as a franchisor. Its aim is not only to build up a network of franchise partners throughout Germany but also through the whole of Europe and so it is currently on the look-out for master partners for all European countries.

Tinten-Toner-24 not only helps its franchisees to find and equip a suitable premises. It also organizes special training courses which prepare the partners for their future work. Subjects taught range from filling cartridges to holding professional sales negotiations. Tinten-Toner-24 puts special emphasis on corporate identity and on its franchise branches having a uniform appearance. The partners are given a CD which contains a range of print setting copies for products for their business such as for business cards, advertising flyers, press texts and bonus cards.

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