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Pareto Law – recruiting only the very best

For the uninitiated, you may be forgiven for thinking Pareto Law is a legal firm. However, a quick glance at the company’s information and it soon becomes clear that this is a recruitment business but one that it different from the majority on the market. In an interview with FranchiseKey, Jonathan Fitchew, managing director of the company, explained what Pareto Law has to do with recruitment. “We’re not a law firm, we’re a company named after a law and that law is Pareto’s law which is the 80/20 principle.” Based on the idea of an Italian philosopher that 80% of the wealth of a country is in the hands of 20% of the population, this idea has extended to other areas of business. Pareto Law looks to find the top 20% among university graduates for their business clients.

To ensure that only the very best candidates are taken on, Pareto Law first interviews graduates. Those suitable take part in an assessment centre with the top 20% then being placed with the Pareto Law clients. But it doesn’t end there: those chosen also participate in an eleven-day vocational course where they are taught essential business skills. These people, Mr Fitchew explained, are the future managers and directors.

Being such a specialist business, such a franchise opportunity is not suitable for everyone. Potential franchisees should have business skills and have either sales or management experience. Their job involves selling graduates and business training and so they must feel comfortable speaking on a business-to-business level. And Pareto Law is not looking to find a large number of franchisees, either. It currently has 5 franchisees and, according to Mr Fitchew, this number can be increased to 12 within the UK. However, the concept has potential abroad, too: it can be implemented in any country, he said, which has a graduate community and business-to-business environment.

Pareto Law (UK)

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Pareto Law – recruiting only the very best

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