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Town & Country Haus franchise once again enjoys record results

As Town & Country Haus, one of Germany's leading home construction companies, prepares to celebrate its 15th anniversary, it can look back at a very positive business development so far: the company has sold over 19,000 homes since its foundation in 1997. Last year alone, it sold 2,706 homes and had a turnover of 442 million euros - once again exceeding its results of the year before. Established franchisees succeeded in increasing their individual turnovers by, on average, around six percent. This means that Town & Country Haus tops the list of branded home sales in Germany for the fifth year running.

According to the company, the majority of new home owners pay special attention to the question of energy costs when drawing up their plans. "Every one in four Town & Country Haus sold has received a loan from the KfW bank as it is being built as a low-energy home," explained Jürgen Dawo, founder of the franchise system. The low energy consumption is not only beneficial for the environment – at the same time, the company also supports a number of sustainability and environmental projects.
Another of the company's priorities in 2011 was quality management. In order to ensure that the company grows in the right way, it not only insists on its brand and system standards being adhered to but also regularly questions customers in the franchisee-run areas about their experiences with the brand and ensures its franchisees and their employees take part in further training courses regularly.
This year, Town & Country Haus is looking to increase its network of franchisees. "Our market potential has by no means been exhausted. We are, therefore, looking to fill further territories across the country and continue to expand our presence and increase brand recognition," Jürgen Dawo continued. (kbp)

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21.02.2012 » 

Town & Country Haus franchise once again enjoys record results

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