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Franquicia - Wash My Car - The Mobile Car Wash Franchise
mobile car wash franchise - Franquicia

Idea de Negocio

You don’t know what business to start this year? Here is an idea. Wash My Car The Mobile Car Wash Franchise is a turnkey business that you can begin immediately, with no previous automotive experience, with minimal investment and with high return potential. We are looking for unit and master franchisees worldwide!


It is paid once, when signing the franchise contract.

What do you receive in exchange?

- FULL KNOW-HOW for starting and growing the business (information about market, target customers, model of standard contract for car wash, marketing strategies, income/spending structure, advices for hiring the employees, detailed presentation of every method, a lot of know-how….. and answers at any question concerning WASH MY CAR concept)

- FULL START UP KIT contains everything you need to immediately start the business (4 sprayers x 1 liter waterless solution, 4 sprayers x 500 ml waterless solution, 4 sprayers x 1 liter for tires, 2 sprayers x 1 liter for insects, 4 special mobile sprayers for mobile pressure, 12 liters of bulk waterless product, 12 liters of special car shampoo concentrate, dosage vessel, special auto brush, 20 m hose with fittings, 30 microfiber towels, mobile auto cleaner, transport case, etc.)

Start a business today. A mobile car wash business. The Mobile Car Wash Franchise.

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