Fast food for gourmets

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Fast food for gourmets - Franquicia

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The SWISS BREAK® International Master Franchise Model

Swiss snack “culture” in your area

SWISS BREAK is a premium restaurant concept operating in the favorable self-service price range. The consistently high standard of the concept is based on quality and freshness, fast service and Swiss Appeal and these standards are reflected through the whole of the offer, the store design and our marketing presence.

Taste and turnover all day long

The culinary program consciously reflects the changing needs of customers at different times of the day. SWISS BREAK- At any time of day, the restaurants make, in the truest sense of the word, fresh and tempting offers: croissants and the legendary Bircher muesli in the morning, Swiss Roesti, gourmet sandwiches and salads at lunchtime, many varieties of fresh fruits with coffee and pastries in the afternoon and raclette and/or fondue in the evening. And behind it all is the know-how of Swiss chefs.

SWISS BREAK® - Ongoing professionalism

In the restaurant business, you should, of course, always be there for your guests. However, success is only certain when all other working areas have also been attended to in a highly professional manner. SWISS BREAK® has developed an electronic tool for its franchise partners, the EGS, which guarantees this professionalism as a result of its internal communication system, its administration system and, in particular, its controlling measures.

EGS is not just a tool – it is also extremely simple to use. It is an especially intelligent IT module that actively and independently develops recommendations while guiding the user (e.g. order quantities). As a controlling tool, it offers the user the possibility to highlight potential weaknesses per ratio analysis on a daily basis with a simple click of the mouse right from the start “cockpit”.

Master franchising with SWISS BREAK®

Would you like to have more responsibility and more opportunities? Have you set yourself greater targets? Why not develop a successful SWISS BREAK network in your own region? Thanks to SWISS BREAK, you can participate in the growing restaurant food service market. The concept is strengthened through its strong Swiss brand.

You first open and run your own ("pilot") franchise operation and then successfully expand within your area by installing your own agency network modeled on the SWISS BREAK head office. You coach your executives to ensure your business expansion is a success.

Working with your agency network, you find local people who wish to join as franchise partners and then support the new franchise partners as they start up their own SWISS BREAK business.

We are looking for partners to grow the SWISS BREAK business in the regions selected. Such partners must already have experience of retailing and have either had a similar company or successfully operated within the relevant local infrastructure. Experience of sales, real estate, catering and setting up business structures is also welcome.

If you have the relevant business experience and the necessary capital resources (may vary according to country) of at least €300,000, then please contact us. We look forward to receiving your application (including CV, investment capital available).

If you are seriously interested, then please contact us now so we can examine the possibility of working together.

Over the past 12 months, we have successfully established our concept in Germany and we now have more than 36 franchisees.


Fast food for gourmets

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