la yogurteria

frozen yogurt

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Descripción de la franquicia

The La YOGURTERIA group has many years of experience in this market and 26 shops in Italy.

The secret of its success
is in exploiting the growing trend towards eating yogurt in Italy, thanks to changed eating habits more orientated towards healthy choices.

Thanks to years of producing and selling frozen yogurt, LA YOGURTERIA guarantees experience and professionalism thanks to its practical knowledge of the entire production cycle: from the relationship with its suppliers, to the production of frozen yogurt, to storage of the products, to promotions in order to increase sales.

Fórmula de franquicia

LA YOGURTERIA offers tree franchising solutions:

  1. Standard (store of 15/40 sqm)
  2. Point  (designed for existing business)
  3. The Trolley (ideal for arenas, bars, cinemas etc…)

The La YOGURTERIA group will accompany you in the opening and management of your new shop with the following services:

  • support in the choice of location
  • support in bureaucratic matters
  • theoretical & practical pre-opening training course to prepare you to manage your store
  • a tutor for approximately 7 days, pre and post opening
  • a tutor to help you in case of difficulty
  • “training on the job”
  • organizing furnishings to fit the dimensions of your shop
  • opening approx. 60 days after signing the contract
  • exclusive zone

Perfil del franquiciado

It is easy to become our franchisee!

  • Previous experience is not necessary
  • Minimum 15 sqm
  • 2 people for optimal management
  • The lowest investment sum is €25,000; costs will increase according to the size of the store
  • It is possible to open up anywhere where there are many pedestrians or heavy traffic
  • The documents needed (being an artisan activity) are a simple sanitary authorization (no other licences needed)
  • Believe in yourself! You are investing in a new store!

If you decide to join us in this project, then La YOGURTERIA will work for you thanks to the system's practical experience and its proven marketing and management structure.

Contact us for further information or simply to tell us your opinion. We are there to fulfil all your requests!

la yogurteria

frozen yogurt

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