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Description of franchise system

Choose the fresh alternative!

Pita Pit's is a unique fast food concept that fits well with the growing trend of healthier eating and lifestyle. Our belief that  healthy eating goes hand-in-hand with a successful and proven business model is the key to our continued success.

Our menu consist of delicious pita bread sandwiches that come with a variety of fresh ingredients from grilled meats, to tasty chicken, to zesty sauces. We offer a healthier and balanced alternative to deep fried food for people on the go.

Pita bread is the special integrand of our menu. Pita bread is yeast-leavened and baked in very hot ovens. Our Pitas form a hollow center during backing, which can be split very easily to make a pocket. We open our Pitas at one end and fill them for a sandwich or cut the Pita in half for two smaller sandwiches. Pita bread is a very healthy alternative to traditional products. Pita is a low-fat and low-sugar bread. It is very nutritious and contains protein, iron, and the three main B-vitamins.

The sandwich industry is growing rapidly and Pita Pit profits from that growth. Our goal is to become the quick service chain of restaurants of choice for healthier food and a healthier environment EVERYWHERE. Find out more about the Pita Pit franchise concept to help us reach this goal.

Franchise concept

Don't worry. When you decide to join the Pita Pit franchise family, you will never walk alone. We will coordinate with you on the various aspects of your business. Our dedicated team of experts will provide consultation on menu items, locations, design, equipment, marketing and branding. We will always be available to you to discuss important concerns or ideas you may have.

Of course, we'll help you to design the perfect restaurant for your location. We don't believe in "one size fits all." Our design and construction team will help you find the design that best fits your locations. The Pita Pit restaurant designs range from a counter-type operation to a restaurant that accommodates 200 customers. Your restaurant can include a play area for children and a drive-through.

Typically, your Pita Pit restaurant will be located in a tourist location, business centre, night-life sector, school, university or a fitness and health sector.

The Pita Pit franchise concept is a flexible model and we encourage you to lead the collaboration with us to adapt our model to local tastes and cultural preferences.

Franchise partner profile

We aim to create a worldwide network passionate franchisees who want to bring healthy eating and fresh thinking to their community!

A restaurant background is not necessary but of course, it may help. What you essentially need is business experience in the local market where you wish to operate. And you should be able to effectively motivate and lead your team.

If you feel ready to adapt the Pita Pit concept to the local taste of your area, please contact us right us!

The Pita Pit

fast food restaurant

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