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Description of franchise system

Our business concept is based on the essence of total pet wellness. We have created a business concept that did not exist anywhere else before, and since we opened our first location, we were able to established a large chain of pet wellness locations.

Pet Planet locations combine retail pet supply stores, grooming salons, a dog full-service kennel resort, dog training academies, and dog daycare facilities to an exciting new pet caring business.

Our guiding principle includes the physical and mental health of pets. Pet Planet believes that it is our number one priority to educate the public about domestic animal issues.

It's our mission is to promote the proper integration of pets into the human world. We want to reduce the number of pound surrenders due to temperament or health problems in the animals.

We believe that the bond between a properly integrated animal and its family is a treasure. And we want to help everyone experience how emotionally satisfying it is to bring an animal into his family.

If everyone could experience how touching it is when a pet becomes an integral part of the lives of the family members, then our ultimate mission would be realized.

We are also an advocate for adoption and support many rescue foundations in their efforts to foster and place unwanted animals.

Pet Planet is famous for its' focus on animal nutrition. We know that premium quality pet food and our understanding of what is important for animals, is essential for the health of our pets. Just as our understanding of human nutrition has changed how we buy food for our families, so has our knowledge of pet food requirements changed how we feed our pets.

Franchise concept

When you decide to join the Pet Planet franchise family, you can be assured that we are here to support and help you grow your business.

We have more than ten years of industry experience and we know what works and what doesn't. Our franchise support team is highly proficient in efficiently addressing any issues you may face in your retail operation.

We prefer to develop our franchise locations in conjunction with you, much like building a new, happy home. We want you to participate in the design of your new store, selecting what elements you would like included, and which colors you like.

Our team carries an unparalleled enthusiasm for the mission of our company. Our support team will be constantly in contact with you to keep you informed of updates, operational tips, improvements and general industry trends.

As a Pet Planet franchisee, you will spend much of your time discussing and educating customers on the benefits of premium pet food. Our localized marketing campaigns will smooth the way for your success.

Franchise partner profile

If you are ready to begin your new venture and if you are interested in the unlimited possibilities of a Pet Planet franchise business, please don't hesitate to contact us!

pet planet

pet wellness locations

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