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Questions about selecting a franchise system

In this section, experts answer the questions most commonly asked by franchise candidates on how to search for and select a franchise system.

What does the service package offered by the franchisor consist of?

A comparison between various franchise offers is extremely difficult, even when the area of activity is the same, as the service package offered to the potential franchisee is very complex. For this reason the franchisor should at least offer concrete reference points by presenting a detailed listing to the franchisee of what will be expected from him/her.

The service package offered by the franchisor generally consists of the franchise concept, the right to use industrial property rights (e.g. brand names, patents, industrial designs, copyrights), training courses and information for the franchisee, the offer to provide support measures as well as the obligation to continuously further develop the concept.

The service package offered by the franchisor should have already been successfully tested on the market. The franchisor can, therefore, be expected to have at least tested his concept in a pilot business over a relatively long period of time. It is especially important that the prices, quality and supplies of the services and products on offer meet the demands of the market.

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