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Would you like to become your own boss by starting your own company but would also like help from specialists? Would you like to reduce the economic risks of starting up your own company by legally copying a proven business concept?
Franchising provides a huge number of possibilities for people to set up their own independent and successful company. Practically every single field of business is covered by the thousands of franchise opportunities that are available from all around the world. In fact, in some cases, there are even comparable franchise opportunities from the same branch competing for potential entrepreneurs. 
However, it is not easy to look through all the franchise opportunities on offer and find the most promising business concepts. What is important is to find out which are the most promising market segments and fields of business. Compare the most interesting franchise opportunities with each other and then compare this with your own knowledge and business experience. (Don’t forget that many franchisors allow people from other branches to join their system as they provide them with intensive induction courses and support.) And your idea of what satisfying work is should not be too affected by the obligations connected with the franchise opportunities. You will probably be able to discard some franchise opportunities pretty quickly just by looking at the investment sum that is needed (generally you must have enough personal capital to cover between 25 and 30 percent of the amount) or by looking at the amount of fees a franchise system expects you to pay.  
Numerous Internet portals, catalogues and specialist magazines provide lists and overviews of franchise opportunities. Generally, though, such publications are very much incomplete – more often than not they show franchise systems that have paid to have their name advertised whilst the other franchise opportunities are ignored completely. The FranchiseKey directory differs from this both regarding the extent and the depth of the information available about national and international franchise opportunities.
Don’t take the first franchise opportunity you find which you think could be right for you! Thousands of franchisors present their data, pictures or videos on FranchiseKey and they don’t have to pay a penny to do this. The up-to-date directory provides information about franchise opportunities and allows franchisors and future franchisees to contact each other.
Once you have looked extensively at what is on offer and analysed the franchise opportunities available, you should then concentrate on just a small number which you feel could be right for you. Check the credibility of the individual franchise opportunities and the reliability of the franchisors by gathering information from trade associations, chambers of commerce, banks and credit reporting agencies. Beware of franchise opportunities where you are put under pressure to sign a contract. In some countries, franchisors are obliged to make a pre-contract disclosure statement and must disclose, for example, whether there have been any court cases involving their franchise opportunity. Speak to different franchisees working in the network – but franchisees that you have chosen yourself not those named by the franchisor. Ask them what support they were given by the franchisor when they set up and opened their franchise business and what support they are given now for the everyday business.
Use the FranchiseKey directory as the key to your future. And why not start right away!

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