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Franchise knowledge – how potential franchisees can gather more information

Besides reading through the FranchiseKey pages, there are many other sources providing sound franchise knowledge. Even those people who only wish to use the Internet to gain franchise knowledge will find a multitude of possibilities. However, a careful selection should be made of which sources are used to gain more knowledge about franchising.

Clicking your way to greater franchise knowledge

When searching for franchise knowledge from different Internet sources, your first port of call should be independent institutions and publications. You can, for example, click on the website published by the Department of Trade and Industry,, to learn more about starting up a business or about franchising. The website published by the British Franchise Association (the bfa),, also provides a great deal of reliable information about franchising in the UK. General franchise knowledge can be found at Comprehensive knowledge is available at franchise portals such as the Internet platforms and Here, for example, you can find a franchise guide which gives detailed information about franchising. People who know how to use search engines such as can also discover rich sources of franchise knowledge ranging from preliminary information to check lists to specialist information on subjects such as franchise law.

Franchise knowledge printed in black and white

There is, of course, also a large amount of printed franchise knowledge. Those who wish to get an overview of what is on offer should click on the large online bookstores such as or Whether they wish to learn more about franchise agreements, franchise manuals, franchise law or directories of franchise systems, for example the “Franchise World Directory” – budding franchisees will find a great deal of franchise knowledge here. But regular, up-to-date publications such as the magazine “Franchise World” ( also pass on important franchise knowledge.

Direct franchise knowledge

People who have specific questions that need answering about franchising can, of course, contact franchise specialists directly. Even if it may cost something to get the franchise knowledge you want here, it may certainly be worth making contact to franchise experts. Franchise knowledge about legal questions or international subjects may only be able to be answered in detail by franchise experts. A list of professional advisers can, for example be found at and who can help to deepen your franchise knowledge. Other possible sources of franchise knowledge are franchise consultants such as Howarth Franchising (, Hamilton Pratt ( or Field Fisher Waterhouse ( However, when approaching experts to gain further franchise knowledge, it is advisable to ask about their individual qualifications and references.

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