RESEAU CAP says "NO" to consultant's loneliness

At RESEAU CAP* , we meet a lot of consultants who after years working in freelance or in staff offices, are willing to take their independence and to start their own business. But, motivated by the excitement of novelty and the air of freedom they want to breathe, they also fear the unknown and especially loneliness.

Indeed, many independent consultants find themselves being alone when they start their project. They are alone when they have to deal with administrative procedures, formalizing their offer, defining their target, choosing a communication strategy, preparing client presentations and other business documents and explore or go to appointments in order to negotiate and win contracts.

At RESEAU CAP, our consultants are independent but never alone. Throughout their training, our coaches, trainers and experts in communication support them in their administrative, sales, marketing and technical  duties. They are used to monitoring progress on at least six months after the training for those who want it and need it.

Through the RESEAU CAP expansion, LMD DEVELOPMENT ltd. promotes entrepreneurship by securing candidates motivated by a solid career plan.

* PIC NETWORK : Performance Improvement Consulting


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RESEAU CAP says "NO" to consultant's loneliness


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